Welcome The Christian Community ‘s attention to art, as a language to announce the beauty of God, has always motivated the ecclesial commitment in this field; today , even more, the Church is pushed to this particular form of evangelization.: the society of images, actually, carries messages which are often tricky and contrary to Christian anthropology.
The diocese of Cariati and Rossano is repository of a very important artistic- - cultural heritage. That is the reason why there is a site wholly dedicated to the cultural heritage of the church. It aims at making people know , enhance and communicate a message which is that of a culture becoming life in the existence of our people, of a culture which has made the story of our land, of a culture which still today narrates faith, hope and the love of the Christian community. My hope and the effective commitment of our Diocesan Church, is to continue, even through culture, to share the life of our people, to build a story full of riches , to announce a faith full of hope and love. ( Mons. Santo Marcianò, archbishop of Cariati)

Art is an experience of universality. It can’t be only object or means  . It is a primitive word, that is , it comes before and is at the bottom of any other word. It is the word of the origin, which studies , beyond the immediacy of the experience , the first and last sense of life. It is knowledge translated in lines , images and sounds , symbols which the concept can recognize as projections on the mystery of life, beyond the limits which the concept can’t exceed: therefore openness to the depth, to the other , to the inexpressible of the existence , ways keeping man free towards the mystery and translating his anxiety which has no other words to express itself.. Therefore art is religious , because it leads man to become aware of the unease, which is at the bottom of himself and which neither science , with the objective formality of its laws, nor technics, with its programming protecting against the risk of error, will be able to satisfy. (Giovanni Paolo II)

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Restoration Works Of Art Rossano Cathedral

Restoration Works Of Art Rossano Cathedral The Ecclesiastic Monuments and Fine Arts Office of the Archbishropic of Rossano - Cariati , thanks to the initiative of the Monuments and Fine arts/ Ethnoanthropologic goods Office in Cosenza has promoted the preparation of a temporary laboratory of restoring in the premises of the concert hall “Saint Clare”, near the cathedral, open from September 9th 2009 . Because of the extraordinary value , not only artistic, but also spiritual and cultural of the works, it was preferred not [..]

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Restoration Of Paintings Of The Diocese

The office for cultural Heritage of the Diocese Rossano–Cariati , directed by father Nando Ciliberti, thanks to the support given by the Commission for the Architectural and Landscape heritage, in Cosenza returns to their churches some canvases, a [..]


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