Saint Mark [ X secolo ]

Saint Mark
Saint Mark Saint Mark

Saint Mark

Story of the church

The church , founded in the X c. , is the most important monument of Byzantine art in Rossano. It lies in the area which in ancient times was called "Graecia" It has the architectonic Greek cross plan, which is typical of the little Byzantine churches built in Byzantium since the first years of the IX c., but which arrived in Calabria one century later. The church has a homologous church in the Catholic of Stilo. Inside the church there are two bodies : an original part with Greek Cross plan and the vestibule added later, probably after the XV century. In 1928-34, during the restoration works , on the left wall , at the back of the presbytery , a fragment of a fresco depicting a Madonna Odigitria with Jesus came out ( from the Greek the woman who points to the road, therefore the woman who teaches).

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