Saint Bernardino [ 1462 ]

Saint Bernardino
Saint Bernardino Saint Bernardino

Saint Bernardino

Story of the church

The church was built in 1462. It was wanted by the Minor Observants and belonged to the monastery of Saint Bernardino. In 1462 the monastery passed to the Reformed who kept it to the French suppression in 1809. When the Bourbons came back in 1816, the church became again a place of worship. A lot of works of art are kept there. The gothic entry portal , made of tuff stone , was built by local workers in the XV c. The polychromic marble high altar dates back to 1796 and was made by Friar John Anthony from Sersale. In the centre there is a wonderful wooden Cross attributed to Friar Umile from Pietralia, author of many Crosses in the second half of the XVII c. In the chapels we find a marble sarcophagus of Oliviero from Summa , dated 1536. In the presbytery there are an ambo and a carved wooden kneeling stool , which, along with the wardrobe, cupboard in the sacristy, was made by monk Francis Di Guido .

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