Panaghia [ X-XI secolo ]

Panaghia Panaghia


Story of the church

Another example of Byzanthine architecture is the Church of Saint Mark. It has a rectangular shape , it is aisleless and it is covered with wooden trussed beans . The apse is semicircular with upper semidome with double lancet window. On the right of the apse there is the image of Saint John Chrysostom holding in his hand an open roll , written in Greek , in which you can read:"Nobody of those who are slaves of the wishes and lust for the flesh is worthy." On the left of the apse there is the head of another saint, who , very certainly, is identified as Saint Basilio
Outside the church you can note the brick decoration in the apse , made of a double layer of bricks. The upper part is herringbone arranged, while in the lower part the bricks are arranged in the shape of an isosceles triangle . This kind of decoration , typical of the second Byzantine golden age , allows us to date the building between the X-XI century.

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