Saint Anthony [ XV secolo ]

Saint Anthony
Saint Anthony Saint Anthony

Saint Anthony Saint Anthony

Story of the church

Saint Anthony’s church, along with the Franciscan monastery, was built by Prince Luca Sanseverino from Bisignano after 1459 and was completely rebuilt in 1740- 1741. It has a dome coated with yellow and blue majolica tiles . Inside there is a good example of the seventeenth century Calabrian decoration with stuccoes and marble banisters . Since 1861 the monastery has been the place of the gymnasium boarding school ..
The church, with the name of Saint Luca in Saint Anthony, became parish in 1949. The interior , with a Latin cross plan , keeps paintings of Leonard Anthony Olivieri, portraying the Virgin and Saint Anthony’s ecstasy. On the vault stands out a fresco by Severino Ferrari, dated 1740. It represents the image of Saint Francis receiving the stigmata . In the old sacristy the Mausoleum of Barnaba Abenante of 1522 is kept.

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