Saint Michael Arcangel [ XI secolo ]

Saint Michael Arcangel
Saint Michael Arcangel Saint Michael Arcangel

Saint Michael Arcangel

Story of the church

The mother church of Crosia, was in generic terms , dedicated to a Saint Angel until 1586, as it is possible to deduce from a Vatican register.
It was Duke Michael who changed the title of the Archpriesthood----- which was dedicated by him to Saint Michael Archangel. Among the artifacts kept in the church there is an altar table made in Calabria of carved and gold leafed wood in Calabria . Probably the altar dates back to the XVII century and almost certainly originally it had also the riser ..That can be understood from the wooden fragment kept in the parish nursery school, reproducing two angels supporting a crown under a sort of canopy.
At the moment the parish nursery school , property of the church , hosts the painting Our Lady with The Holy Child and the souls In the Purgatory , painted by Onofrio Ferro in 1753.