Our Lady of Graces [ XV secolo ]

Our Lady of Graces
Our Lady of Graces Our Lady of Graces

Our Lady of Graces

Story of the church

The first news about Pietrapaola dates back to 1454. The portal and the lithic rose window belong to this period too.
In 1629 , within the parish a non clerical brotherhood with the name of Sacrament was founded and it was later suppressed.
The church was mostly built again in the first years of the XX c.
The interior is aisleless with stucco decorations and wall paintings by Pasquale Capobianco , painter from Vitulano. Pasquale Capobianco moved to Rossano with his father Michael , a painter too, after Bishop Orazio Mazzella , a fellow citizen of theirs arrived in town . Among the best works there are : a wooden Cross hanging from the ceiling of the apse, two precious white marble holy water stoups, a “ catello” and a silver embossed and wrought ostensory of 1765, both from Naples.