Saint Mary Magdalene [ XVI secolo ]

Saint Mary Magdalene
Saint Mary Magdalene Saint Mary Magdalene

Saint Mary Magdalene

Story of the church

Saint Mary Magdalen Church ( XVI c. ) belonged to a monastery of Reformed Franciscans . The church made of two naves , keeps a lot of valuable works of art among which the beautiful wooden Cross of 1824, made in Naples , a wooden astylar cross with lobate ends and painted on both sides ..
De Capua wrote that the Cross was brought from the monastery of Patir by a Friar Anthony from Longobucco in 1502. Along the walls and the ceiling of the central nave we can note frescoes by Capobianco and in Saint Francis side altar stands out the painting of the Saint painted by the local painter Francesco Spina in 1755. There are a lot of wooden artifacts , all made around 1773. Among them there is the pulpit, the confessional, the tabernacle . There are also a lot of wooden statues.

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