Saint Peter and Paul [ XVI secolo ]

Saint Peter and Paul
Saint Peter and Paul Saint Peter and Paul

Saint Peter and Paul

Story of the church

The church of saint Peter and Paul became mother church of the town in 1607, when the inhabitants of Spezzano went up towards this church . Probably its origin is Byzanthine . In 1688 it passed from the Greek rhyte to the Byzanthine one . On March 4th 1668 archpriest Magnocavallo celebrated the first Mass according to the new rhyte. The church was the former see of secular congregations , then in 1825 it became “Collegiata Insigne”. Inside there are some frescoes, among which “The expulsion of the merchants from the temple”, probably painted by Francesco Saverio Ricci from Terranova , a wooden choir, a painting with Saints Peter and Paul, a tondo with Our lady of Sorrows , a painting with Purgatory , all dating to the XVIII c. and a fresco of the beginning of the XX century , about the miracles and the apotheosis of Saint Francis from Paola, painted by Umberto De Maria.

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